What is Alexa Traffic Rank? Why is it important?

We are talking about the reasons why Alexa ranking is important in general and the ease of using WordPress for Seo.

  1. Some Important Seo Criteria
  2. Why is Alexa Traffic Rank important?
  3. WordPress Why Seo Is a Compliant Content Management System?

Some Important Seo Criteria

1) The keyword you are focusing on must be in the seo title and meta description

When determining the keyword, the most commonly used word should be selected on the related page. However, if too much use of the word leads to difficulties in text narration, it should also be noted. That is, key words should be used wherever necessary in the text.

2) The keyword must be used within separate tags within the H1 and H2 tags.

The most important tag in the text of an HTML page is the title. Of course, the most important HTML headers are h1 and h2 tags. The keyword that should be focused on the page is first determined by Google search robots based on the headings. This means that the keyword in the Google indexes will rise or fall without your rank.

3) You need to go first in the relevant domain name and site name.

If you have a site name such as seonedir.com, your page should be listed first when you search for ‘seonedir’ on Google. Or your site name should rank first in the index order when you search on Google.

4) Each page should have a different title, content, meta description part and H1 tag.

For example, the name of our site is seonedir.com again. Let’s say we have two pages talking about Seo criteria and Alexa.

The titles of the pages will naturally be different. It is necessary to create different contents for these pages which are similar as topic title. In addition, the most important title tag, H1 parts, must be completely different.

If you want to learn about other important SEO criteria, you can benefit from this link.

Why is Alexa Traffic Rank important?

In recent years, Alexa ranking has emerged as an important factor in meeting websites. But looking at this sequence alone, of course it is wrong to decide that the site is really good quality. Besides, I have to deny the importance that he has.

Many advertiser companies including Google, which allows you to monetize your website, place great importance on Alexa ranking. Alexa has a ranking both in your country and globally, according to our index on Google. The higher this order, the greater the confidence of your company.

When we consider all of this, the most important factor that will make you stand out from other sites is undoubtedly the content. The more content you produce, the more popular you will get, and the more you share in channels like social media, the more you will see. For this, you have to make your own advertising in every occasion and ask your followers to share the contents. The reason for not opening a separate title for social media is that social media is already involved in the natural flow of life.

You can reach the sites listed in the top 100 in the Alexa Country Ranking from this link.

You can reach the sites in the top 50 in the Alexa World rank from this link.

WordPress Why Seo Is a Compliant Content Management System?

With plugin support provided by WordPress, you have many options for SEO. It also allows you to easily share your writing or products. It does not need to waste time with your design and development processes. It allows you to focus on your content directly.

Yoast Seo plugin is a nice add-on that helps you to provide Seo optimization for each page and overall your site in general. It helps you to create more SEO compliant content by letting you know what you are doing wrong. If you have a WordPress-based site, you should definitely use this extension on your site.

WordPress, the most widely used content management system, continues its popularity both in our country and in the world. This is why the developers keep up with the updates that adapt to the new technology. We strongly recommend using this system, which is constantly renewing itself.

I hope your writing has given you useful information. I tried to give my own thoughts more to the subject. Good luck with!